Nambiti Plumbers CC was established over a decade ago sourcing it skills and talents from a long line of Plumbing Experts being the 3rd generation of prominent business men rising out of larger Northern Natal area.
We are specialist Plumbing Contractors that also under-take general maintenance work in the public, government, insurance, petroleum, industrial & domestic sectors.With 6 dedicated teams of specialists we offer a 24/7/365 service approach.Quality, Efficiency & Price being our benchmark within industry.Services rendered include Painting, Carpentry, Paving, Steel Fabrication & Construction.We possess 110% BEE compliancy with Level 3 grading, which employs a staff compliment of 24 people.With the Head Office based in Ladysmith and operational satellite offices based throughout Northern Natal, Nambiti Plumbers has deep penetration within Kwazulu Natal servicing most Government Departments, including the National Department of Public Works.Being fully registered Nambiti Plumbers are the preferred service contractors for most insurance companies.An Authorised Plumbing & Building Services Provider




Level 1 BEE Certified

Authorised Plumbing & Building Services Provider